Hersteller: Visual Communications Company, LLC
LED Uni-Color Red 650nm Automotive 2-Pin T-1 Bag
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Technische Details 4303F1

Description: LED RED DIFFUSED T-1 T/H, Lens Size: 3mm, T-1, Lens Style: Round with Domed Top, Part Status: Active, Lens Transparency: Diffused, Supplier Device Package: T-1, Wavelength - Peak: 650nm, Height (Max): 6.40mm, Viewing Angle: 55°, Current - Test: 10mA, Lens Color: Red, Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ): 2V, Color: Red, Package / Case: Radial, Packaging: Bulk, Configuration: Standard, Millicandela Rating: 16mcd, Mounting Type: Through Hole.

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Hersteller: Visual Communications Company - VCC
Description: LED RED DIFFUSED T-1 T/H
Lens Size: 3mm, T-1
Lens Style: Round with Domed Top
Part Status: Active
Lens Transparency: Diffused
Supplier Device Package: T-1
Wavelength - Peak: 650nm
Height (Max): 6.40mm
Viewing Angle: 55°
Current - Test: 10mA
Lens Color: Red
Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ): 2V
Color: Red
Package / Case: Radial
Packaging: Bulk
Configuration: Standard
Millicandela Rating: 16mcd
Mounting Type: Through Hole
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Hersteller: VCC
Standard LEDs - Through Hole RED DIFFUSED
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